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Animal Crossing Giveaway ! 

Its almost been a year since I’ve had this game, I’ve gotten to hoarding a lot of items. So I will be hosting a giveaway in order to get rid of some items and share it with the community. image


1. Will end on the day I got my game for the first time April 3rd, 2014

2.Have an ask box open, and you have 24 hours to reply. do not have to be following me. Though if you do I will be adding an some extra prizes for you . image

4. Likes and re-blogs both count. As many times as you wish c:

the prizes.

1st place

7-11 series OR Sloppy Series

un-orderable DLC items

25 Hybrid flowers ( you pick )

10 Random gift wrapped items.

Zodiac set

2 million bells

2nd places

Any of the Gracie furniture series or the Mermaid series.

25 Hybrid flowers (you pick)

10 Random gift wrapped items.

un-orderable DLC items

1 million bells

3rd place

Pave series, Egg series, Ice series OR the Mush series.

or if you wish i may also order any of the cataloged sets for you.

15 Hybrid flowers 

5 Random gift wrapped items.

500k bells

4th place

Any of the cataloged series ex: classic, apline and so on.

5 Random gift wrapped items.

15 Hybrid flowers

A bow wig or a head band wig.

500k bells

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